What are the differences between a hand-drawn clipping path and automatic background remover? Though both are very familiar in editing industry, they have differences also.

In today’s clipping path vs automatic background remover article, we will clarify the differences between them.

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What Is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a way of isolating the background from an image. It is a selection process primarily used for background removal purposes. Whether you need transparent background or remove the background in photoshop, the clipping path solves the problem and gives the best result.

In Photoshop, a hand-drawn clipping path refers to creating an outline of an object with the pen tool to cut out an image background.

What Is Automatic Background Remover?

Automatic image background remover is a tool that allows you to remove background images from photos without having to select each one manually. This is an easier way to remove background than clipping path and manual background removal. This can help you save time and energy when cleaning up photos.

Differences Between Hand-drawn Clipping Path Vs. Automatic Background Remover

We have three core areas to consider when it comes to the differences between hand-drawn clipping path vs. automatic background remover.

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Quality

Though both have merits and demerits, we aim to show the differences. Which one you will take in your project is up to you.

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In today’s world, where everyone is constantly online and using devices to purchase products, it is more important than ever to have an accurate image.

With accuracy, your photos will look sharper and more realistic. When removing background clutter from images, accuracy is vital. By getting an accurate background, you can reduce the chances of your photo looking too cluttered or complex.

Regarding eCommerce, you often need to show images on white background. The images may often look dull if it isn’t edited accurately. So, you must pay to consider accuracy.

Can hand-drawn clipping paths and automatic background remover deliver the same accuracy outputs?

Hand-drawn clipping path

Very professionals do the task. You can do it by yourself also if you’re an expert in photoshop. However, if you outsource it from a professional clipping path company, you can expect better results than automatic background remover. But you must need to be careful while choosing a service provider.

Automatic background Remover

It is software, and you don’t have much control over it. You must rely on the output it produces. There is an option to change the software and get a new one. But, ultimately, it is a machine that can’t deliver exact results as a man can. some popular automatics background remover are remove.bg, clipping magic etc.


The importance of speed to do a job is evident in the workforce today. A faster pace enables workers to take on more tasks and complete them more efficiently. This makes it easier for businesses to meet deadlines and meet their goals.

However, you also need to be sure you are taking the time necessary to complete the task.

Hand-drawn Clipping Path

You need some time to do it accurately regarding manual selection. In cases of complex images, an expert photo editor may need a whole day to create outlines. If you plan to outsource it, their workload is also an issue in getting the edited images. At maximum, companies take 24hour times to create vector paths.

Automatic background Remover 

The process is very straightforward. It takes only a few seconds to complete the task. You just need to upload images in the software; it will deliver a transparent image within a minute.

So, in speed cases, automatic background remover wins.


Quality is vital for background removal because it affects the accuracy of the image. Poor quality backgrounds can lead to inaccurate results and decreased satisfaction from customers. To ensure that your images are of high quality, use consistent quality standards in your workflow and use the right tools to improve your results.

Hand-drawn Clipping Path

Manual editing always produces better results than artificial intelligence.

An expert editor knows how to do clipping paths accurately. Though it may take a bit of time, it gives better results.

This is why clients prefer to work with the same people or agency consistently. Though you may get the worst result in manual editing, there are few opportunities.

But you must need to be careful while choosing a service provider.

Automatic Background Remover

Actually, you need to rely on the software. And if the result is worst, you don’t have opportunities to fix it. This is the adverse side effects of using automatic background remover.


In conclusion, hand-drawn clipping paths and automatic background removal are two different ways of removing backgrounds from images. While both methods have pros and cons, the difference in how well they work makes them unique.

Hand-drawn clipping path is more effective in removing backgrounds from images than automatic background removal. Though automatic background removal can remove backgrounds more quickly, a hand-drawn clipping path can require some time to complete its task.

A hand-drawn clipping path should be your top priority if you want to get quality with accuracy.

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