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Whether it’s for an e-commerce store, professional photographer or personal images you adore. We’ll remove the backgrounds, and leave your images clean.

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Professional Background Removal Service for Photographers, E-commerce

Are you searching for a professional background removal service? Do you want to create a clean background for product photos? Then, you are now in the right place. At clipping path action, we offer high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed background removal services.

50+ clipping path expert editors are waiting to remove the background from your photos. Our visual experts will help to make the images more attractive, which should be your aim. Clean & strong visuals play a vital role in growing business and increasing sales. We know it & do it perfectly for our valuable clients. 

Along with the clipping path, we may often use image masking techniques considering image conditions for background removal. You will get manual editing; we dislike full automation or a semi-automation process because it could bring horrible results for final images. 

Background Removing Service We Provide For Clients

Clipping Path Action (CPA) teams help photographers, ecommerce stores to remove background from various type of image. 

We provide various types of Background Removal services for clients 

Why Clipping Path Action for removing the background.

Clipping Path Action is a professional photo editing company founded by three highly skilled photo editors. After launching the company, we satisfied many big photography agencies and eCommerce companies by providing product photo editing services.

How we measure the difficulties of our background removal services.

Image background removal is a time-consuming task. Lots of effort need to make it more attractive. Depending on image complexity, we measure our image editing service difficulties and pricing. Let’s talk about our background removal service measurements.

We consider background removal easy if your image contains one single hole with no holes and straight curves. It is very straightforward, and very few times need to complete removing the background. For example, egg, wallet, etc.

These images have many holes and few curves; it takes longer than basic shaped objects. Although it has more holes and needs more anchor points, it doesn’t need too much time. We consider it a medium background removal service. For example, bags, bracelets, and t-shirts.

Some images have lots of holes and curves. Moreover, photos may have a hard edge and a soft edge both. These images need to apply clipping path and photoshop masking techniques for image background removal. However, these types of images need more time to remove the background. So, we consider it advanced background removal. For example, model image.

Categories of background Removal Services

From our working experiences, we receive various requirements while removing the background from photos. It includes a completely white background, replaces the background with a completely new one, removes specific portions of photographs, and even more. It doesn’t matter what will be your requirements; we can handle each regarding background removal. However, please see at the below for your easy consideration.

How Our Background Removing Service Help You

For many reasons, you may need background remove service. From our experience in photo editing, we found some necessity of background remove in the below cases. 

Our Background Removal Service Pricing



Our base service pricing starts at $.40 for each image. Pricing can raise depending on image complexity. To know the exact pricing for your project, send us image samples with instructions. We will set budget-friendly pricing for your project.

Methods We Use For Image Background Removal

There are lots of ways to image background removal. Some photo editors apply shortcut ways for the photo background removal process. But it doesn’t bring great results. We use clipping path and photoshop masking for photos background removal. Sometimes our background removal experts mix both strategies in a single image to remove the image background. Below, we will discuss our methods of background removal service.

We primarily use the clipping path technique to remove the background from images. With the help of the pen tool in Photoshop, we bring a flawless output. At first, we draw a vector line around the edges of the objects. After completing the drawings, we removed the background of the images.

Usually, we applied clipping path techniques for hard and smooth edges objects such as watches, building gates, or mannequins. To better understand our clipping path service, we categorize it into six parts – simple, basic, Medium, multiple, complex, and super-complex.

Image masking is an excellent technique for removing the background from an image when the clipping path technique doesn’t bring great results. Clipping path techniques don’t work when an image contains soft, rough, and small edges. In these cases, professional editors use pen tablets for selecting photos.

If the image combines hard and soft edges, editors use the pen tablet to select the smooth edge and the pen tool in photoshop for the hard edge. With the combination of tools, we revealed the background of an object and deleted it.

Many images have complex shapes, including curves and turns and blurred or furry edges, in which image masking techniques are inevitable for removing the image background. You can use animal fur or human hair as an example. Moreover, Feathers, blankets, smoke and flame, lighting, muslin, glass, etc., can be great examples of photo masking.

Generally, we use different types of image masking techniques depending on the requirements of each image. However, many approaches can be used to remove the background. These include layer masking and alpha Channel masking, fur or hair masking, clipping mask, transparent masking, translucent masking, and refined edge masking.

What is image background removal?

Usually, background removal is a process of isolating the subject from its original background. Sometimes, an unwanted element is added to photographs while capturing photos. By isolating the background from an image, you can easily give it an attractive look.

With the help of photo editing software, anyone can remove the background. But, it is time-consuming work, and you need to be a professional photo editor for great results.

Hiring a professional editing company should be your top priority if you wish to use the images for business purposes and only have a little time to edit them. At Clipping path action, We know how to make images more attractive by removing the background. Finally, you will get a clean and attractive image that will draw buyers’ attention easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What type of file can I send you?

We permit any graphics related file. It may be PSD, JPG, TIFF, and EPS. On the other hand, to maintain your uploading time with ours, we recommend you to sent JPG file format if it is suitable for your all condition.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We use the server via unlimited space & you’re FTP and account is set to infinite. As a consequence, you are talented to upload any amount of file you wish. Although, if you use our web up-loader to send your photographs, you are capable to still upload any number of file/data at once. But each file size must have not to be more than 64 MB.

Will you provide discount for bulk images?

Yes, we provide upto 40% discount for bulk images. Our discount starts with 500 images order.

How to Choose the Best Background Removal Service Provider?

Before hiring any background removal service, you need to understand your core needs. To do this, start by creating an essential checklist of all the edits you need. This will allow you to prioritize the same service you want and need. The best background removal service will provide you with several different options.

However, how can you identify them? There are lots of ways to identify the best background removal service provider. Below, we discuss some practical ways to find the best background removal service provider.

  • Quality of editing

The quality of background removal is paramount. Every image background-removing service provider showcases their previous work samples on their website. So, you need to visit their website and see their portfolio sections carefully. If you found that their services match 

your demands, you can hire them for your project.

Otherwise, you ignore them. If you found more than one best background removing service provider, create a shortlist of each seller. After that, send them one or two demo files among your project files. Then, wait to see their response time and quality of work.

Finally, select your background removal service partner among them. Moreover, it will satisfy you that you will get a high-quality background removal service.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

Finding a quick turnaround time maintaining service provider will help you receive your project promptly. It would be best if you also kept the focus on this point. A professional service provider always completes their service on time.

Usually, it would be best to choose a service provider who can deliver within 24 hours. It may save time. Also, you may concentrate on your other projects.

  • Customer Support

After sending the files, you may need to change some instructions for work. Also, after receiving files, you may need to re-correct some images. It is a common scenario in photo editing. For every case, you need to contact the service provider.

If your service provider delays responding to your message, it may badly impact your projects. Because customer support is the primary way of communication with the service provider, if you find ignorance, it means they don't respect clients and its necessity. You should avoid them and focus on finding a more professional photo editing company.

  • Cost

Money plays a vital role in our everyday life. Who doesn't want to save money? It is always better in business; to find excellent service within your budget. Here, avoiding very low and high pricing would be best.


Okay, a very low-pricing service provider often delivers poor editing. Most often, you need to re-correct these types of editing. Moreover, high pricing may badly impact your profit margin. So, always try to find a professional photo editing team who delivers satisfactory service within your budget. It may help you gain profit from the business.

How to Choose the Best Background Removal Service Provider?

Who Needs Background Removal Service?Every photographer may need a background removal service. It is widespread to add unwanted elements to photographs while capturing photo shoots. However, the photo background removal service's primary beneficiary will be the online product-selling company.

They need to upload product images randomly, maintaining all requirements. Removing the background and maintaining quality in each photo is a challenging task. Only professional background Removal companies may do it correctly. 

They always try to focus on objects rather than the background. Moreover, they know how to highlight a product view and draw buyers' attraction to the product by placing it in the proper area. Fortunately, our team members know it very well. 

  • E-commerce Business Owner
  • Media/Agency
  • Online Retailers
  • Product Photographer.
  • Fashion Photographer.
  • Advertiser
  • Magazine publisher
  • Catalog designer.
  • Web Developer
  • Printing Industries