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Without perfect color, photographs don’t look so well. Due to issues with camera settings, lighting distortion, or white balance, sometimes photographs may not contain the right color and looks so gloomy.

In this case, you can fix this easily by taking advantage of color correction techniques. However, it needs skills, time, and patience to bring out the best result. If you’re a busy photographer or e-commerce retailer then outsourcing photo color correction online will be the best solution.

While you are thinking of outsourcing image editing services for color correction, clipping path action could be the right co-partner. We will fix color tones, skin tones, white balance, highlight shadows, and more issues.


Color Correction Service We Provide For Clients

Clipping Path Action (CPA) teams help photographers, ecommerce to remove background perfectly from soft edges image.

We provide various types of Color Correction services for clients 

Product Photos Color Change

When displaying product photos in online shops, showcasing color variants product visualization is extremely important. It helps customers to pick the right color product for themselves. Capturing photos for every single color is the waste of time and money especially when you have advanced technology to do it in a few minutes.  

At clipping path action, you will get the facilities of color-changing service. We will re-colorize existing product photos naturally. We ensure the best clipping path service while colorizing product images. All you need to do is send specific requirements including color types. We will send edited files very fast.

Model Photography Color Correction

Model Photography is an essential part of your marketing strategy and can make or break your business. If the model in the photos doesn’t look so well then the entire project may ruin. So, it is important to fix any color mistakes like skin tones, contrast, white balance exposure, color tones, vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast, and sharpness.

Your aim should be to create the best visualizations for online presence in a natural way. And our experts know it very well. We will fix any imperfections of the image regarding color and create a great visualization. If you don’t know where to start, we can guide you also. We aim to create a life-like image so that your audience will like it.


Wedding Photo Color Correction

A wedding is a very special moment in anyone’s life. As a photographer, we know it is very difficult to capture each photo perfectly on that day. Though they try hard, mistakes often notice in wedding photos due to lighting, crowdy people, moving parts and so more.

Along with the color correction service, we help photographers also more ways. Our wedding photography color correction will help to preserve their special day’s celebration perfectly.

Black and White Photo Colorization

Black and white photos are beautiful on their own, but some things like skin tone or clothing fabrics look better in color. It could be your old family portrait photographs or historical images. We know how important it is for you!

Our photo restoration techniques will turn your black-and-white photos into the colorized photo. We will use advanced techniques to fix all issues like skin tone, clothing fabrics, white balance, and more

Creating your custom painting from scratch requires digital editing skills. If you don’t have these skills, you can send in your old photos to us, so our team will transform them for you.

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

Photography is an art that relies on exposure. Due to some reasons, photographs can be underexposed or overexposed. It looks like very poor-quality images that may ruin your photography career. However, using photo color correction services, you can easily fix the issues.

If you’re a busy photographer or don’t want to take the hassle of exposure correction, clipping path action may help you. We offer very much budget-friendly pricing for our color correction service.



Our Color Correction Service Pricing



We offer budget-friendly pricing for our service. This is our base editing cost pricing. The sample you see here isn’t relative to this pricing. If you want to know the actual pricing for your project, upload sample files using the free trial option and mention image volume and requirements. We will set accurate pricing for your project. 

Why CPA for Color Correction

Finding a perfect color correction service provider is difficult. Only experts can deal with this perfectly as knowledge about brightness, contrast, and exposure is a must for correcting color. Editors must have well knowledge about using various tools for matching colors.

Clipping Path Action has a skilled team who can perfectly deal with correcting colors. With years of experience in color correction and other photo editing services, we can ensure that you will get perfectly edited images. Here are a few reasons you may choose CPA for color correction.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Color Correction Service?

Color correction is a photo editing technique that involves adjusting and correcting the color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and other color-related aspects of an image.  The aim of the color correction service is to create visually appealing results. To achieve these results, the service provider works on the color cast, fixing white balance, overexposure or underexposure, skin tone, and color variants issues. They also work on fixing any imperfections in the image.


How can I do color correction?

There are several ways to perform color correction. Here are some common methods:

Adjusting white balance:

Adjusting white balance is a great color correction technique. Using this technique, you can correct color cast and temperature. It will help to create a more natural image. There is some automotive software that offers to adjust the white balance automatically. However, it will be better to adjust it manually as you have more control over it.

Using curves or levels adjustments:

This adjustment will help to customize image tone, brightness, and contrast. Therefore adjusting with curves and levels enables you to impact on the entire image.

When your images are over or underexposed, you can fix this using curves and level adjustment. playing with brightness and contrast helps to get the desired color tones for the images.

Using selective color adjustments:

This technique allows you to adjust specific colors in an image. If you need to highlight or fix specific colors from an image then you can use this technique. It allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of individual colors. So, you can achieve desired results.

Why do you need photo color correction service?

Photo color correction services can help create a uniform look and feel across all your images. It helps to enhance the colors, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of your images. Ultimately, these techniques help to make images more professional and visually appealing look.

Here are reasons for taking color correction services for better photos.

  • Camera settings issues
  • Additive and Subtractive
  • Color Mixing issues
    Light Sources issues

Sometimes, we don’t have control over it after having all preparations. Color correction can help improve the colors of your images. It reduces any imperfections or discrepancies. This makes your images look more polished and professional.