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High Quality Clipping Path Services in USA & Europe

Are you searching for a reliable photo editing company? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We provide high quality image editing services for USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

We have highly experienced editing team members. They are dedicated to completing any project with patience. Moreover, we provide 100% accurate clipping path services which is must required for background removal, invisible mannequin and more cases.

We maintain a quality assurance team. They monitor the editing tasks to ensure the best quality services. The team leader checks each image for the accurate path. Our checking system makes us confident to deliver the best services.

We provide each solution to make product images stunning. We always ensure customer satisfaction. Quality assurance, fast turnaround, cost-effective pricing, and customer service is our key element of success.

Their service and communication are always speedy and attention to detail is top-notch. Would most definitely recommend their services as they provide excellent service. Also, very gracious and quick with revisions and additional requests. – Joespeh, New York, USA

Why is Best Clipping Path Service important for editing photos?

Background Removal

Whenever we think about removing the background, we all know we can’t expect perfect results without a photoshop silo path. Though you can remove the background with many other tools like background eraser, magic wand, and lasso tools, the pen tool is the best for doing this perfectly. 

Image clipping is a must for removing mannequins from clothes and clothing accessories. Our team will make clothing and clothing accessories items photos more professional-looking image

By using color correction, you can fix the color imperfections of an image. 

Re-colorize product photos free up a photographer from repeatedly capturing photos.

If you want to change the colors of an element from an object, you need the assistance of a perfect clipping path. Though you can achieve it with other tools, the results will be horrible.

you may need to add a border line to an image. Our clipping path specialists can assist you in doing this perfectly. 

Shadows add more depth and dimension to the product images. Some product images, like shoes and watches, often require shadows for gorgeous looks. 

A clipping path service provider created reflection shadows of pink color shoes

Benefits of Hiring Clipping Path Action

Why will you outsourced image editing from the clipping path action? What will get the benefit from this graphic design and image editing company? You have the right to know it before hiring us for your projects. We don’t know every photo editing company’s core values. But we have strong core values that make us confident that you will benefit from hiring us.

A clipping path company 's team members is doing their job in workstation

Quality Assurance

We believe that people hire us to help their businesses grow. As a B2B service provider, we commit to helping them. We maintain a three-layer quality assurance team to ensure the best quality service. 

We maintain a dedicated customer service team to ensure the best support. Communication is one of the keys to success in B2B business. You will receive immediate assistance at any hour of any day. Our support team is open 24/7. 

We ensure the delivery time before taking an order and deliver it within that time frame. The order quantity doesn’t matter; we can deliver it on time.

We wouldn’t claim to provide the most inexpensive rates. But, we can confidently say that we provide the best quality rather than others at the same pricing. Our service cost starts at $0.25

Whether it is photo clipping, image retouching, or background removal, it doesn’t matter; we edit each project manually. Though some photo editing service providers use AI technology for editing images, we do it manually in the office. 

We assure each client that we will not use their images in our promotional activities without prior permission. All our computers have virus protection. Thus, it has minimal opportunities to launch a malware attack.. You can keep calm about your data privacy.

CPA has highly skilled image editors. So it is easy for us to provide the highest quality. For large projects, we create a special team of experts to ensure the best results.

Product images are crucial for boosting sales on various online shopping platforms. The platforms encompass Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Our team has years of experience in creating sale-worthy product images for these platforms.

Great background removal for menswear ecomm needs. I do custom orders requesting various formats, all were delivered as needed. Thank you so much! – Weston Boucher, United States

Our Clipping Path Service Work Sample

sunglass clipping path service

Basic Clipping Path

Starting at $0.40

We often call it a single-layer clipping path. We apply this technique to product images that are very straightforward, rectangular, and circular. Editors require only one layer for outlining.
An editor is showing his clipping path service editing skill on a black color wine bottle

Simple Clipping Path

Starting at $0.75

It is almost the same as the basic clipping path. The only difference is these images may contain some holes, and we may need to add one or two layers for outlining.
ecommerce product photo editing service

Medium Clipping Path

Starting at $1.25

If the product images have several curves, holes, and twists, we often need to use more anchor points than simple images for high-quality service.
path experts are doing multiple clipping path on a standing shoe

Multi-clipping path

Starting at $2.0

If image owners want to separate each element of a particular image, we need to create separate layers for each element. It helps image owners to change the colors of each element of the image. It allows the creation of multiple image versions from a single image but needs many paths.
A clipping path experts showing his skill by creating complex path on badminton racket

Complex Clipping Path

Starting at $5.0

These images contain many holes, complex shapes, and curves. Patience, skill, and time are the three most important components to drawing perfect outlining for these types of product images.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Starting at $8.0

The difference between complex and super complex is using anchor points. If the image contains more than ten holes and many closed paths, we set it in complex, but when the holes and closed paths are uncountable, we set it in super complex.

How Clipping Path Action works

Upload Photos

Upload sample photos for your project. Our team will start discussing image volumes, complexity, and turnaround time.  We will set a suitable pricing for your project.

Image Processing

After setting pricing, you will send entire images of the project. Our processing team will start processing the image.

Payment and Invoicing

We will send edited files for review. If you are satisfied with the work, we will send an invoice.  Finally, you will send payment to us.

Clipping Path Action – Best Product Photo Editing Company

A creative virtual editing studio for clipping path service, image retouching & eCommerce Image Editing

Clipping Path Action is a professional photo editing service provider specializing in clipping path service, image retouching, and eCommerce image editing. Our team comprises highly skilled photo editors to ensure the best quality service. We have a dedicated support team that is open 24/7/365 days. So, reaching us for USA, UK, Australian, and European customers is easy. 

Whether you need a single shot editing or bulk orders, we will complete each project professionally. We provide great service and support, making us a top editing company and helping us build strong relationships with our clients.

We have edited 4lac+ images in the last year for our clients. So why not for yours? Leave your photo post-production activities to our experts and get clean, sales-worthy, attractive visualizations.    

Services We provide Besides Clipping Path

We offer a wide range of photo editing services to our loyal clients. We specialize in background removal, color correction, photo retouching service, ghost mannequin effects, shadow creation, and complete eCommerce product photo editing solutions. A skilled team is always ready to make your visuals impressive.

Product Photo Editing

There is a lot of creativity possible when it comes to product photo editing. Along with fixing mistakes, adding effects, you can also apply color correction and retouch service for creating quality product images. We aim to create worthy product photos using for displaying, marketing and advertising.

Are you seeking neat backgrounds for product images? Our background removal service ensures to set a clean background for your images. We take the hassles of editing and save your precious time in return for a few costs.
If you are searching for the best clipping path service, our hand-drawn path services could suit you best. We use the Photoshop pen tool for creating outlines of the objects. Our three-layer dedicated team ensures an accurate path without losing pixels. From simple to super complex images, our team can deliver precision clipping path services on time.
Color correction is the process of adjusting the color balance of a photograph to make it look more natural or realistic. This can be done by correcting the hue, saturation, and lightness of colors and adding white balance. There are various ways to achieve this goal; we fix color issues in photographs.
Our editors use clipping path and masking techniques while removing backgrounds from images. We use channel masks to set hair and furry portions of an existing image to a completely different background. Our experts can reveal very small and smooth details using Photoshop tools. We will place it perfectly so that it will look very clean and natural.
We provide creative image manipulation services for clothing images like mannequin removal, neck joint, bottom joint, etc. We will also work on editing every possible aspect so that it will display in a well-organized way. It aids in perfectly presenting product pictures.
Do your photographs need some editing to fix the slightest imperfections? Are you searching for a professional team that is highly skilled in retouching? Whether it is a minor or heavy edit, our expert team can take the pressure to create a great photo. We will fix photo imperfections and enhance the visualization to look flawless online.

Realistic shadows and reflections add more depth and dimension to the product images, which will help display it more attractively. However, it’s easier said than done. You may often need assistance from a professional team to do it perfectly. We help add realistic drop shadows and reflections to product images in a natural way.

Customizable eCommerce Image Editing Service

Do you sell products on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Etsy? All the marketplaces have unique photo patterns. As a seller, you must obey their patterns and need customizable product photo editing. We understand that creating sales-worthy product images can be a laborious task.

But you can leave it to us to create sales-worthy images for e-commerce marketplaces. Our team understands marketplace image optimization guidelines and will provide you with a ready-to-upload e-commerce-optimized image.

We also help to marketize products of Shopify, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce store owners by providing high-quality, clean, and optimized product images. 

What to Consider choosing the Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Check out portfolio

What is the most effective method to learn about a clipping path company? In short, the portfolio of that company. Through the portfolio, you can quickly assess the level of work and the company’s overall quality. However, you shouldn’t stop there. If the company offers a free trial, it will be the best way to judge their editing skill.

Examine the price 

After judging the skill, the next step should be to examine its pricing plan. However, in most cases, pricing won’t create trouble if you get satisfactory service. But, if you get the same quality service from multiple clipping path service providers, pricing could matter here.

Some companies even show a lower price and then charge massive hidden costs. It would be best if you had a clear picture of the cost. Otherwise, you might find yourself in trouble.

Customer feedback on the internet.

In today’s world, we can get an image of the business from a customer’s review. The review of the customer is a sincere expression. You can read and understand the company’s quality of service and expertise levels.

Thus, you will receive an in-depth perspective of the business. Almost every clipping path service provider showcases customer’s reviews on their website. Reviews from trusted sources like Trustpilot will also help to consider a  path expert.

Seek advice from peers and companions.

Sometimes, friends can assist you in choosing the most suitable clipping path service provider. Especially if they have worked with a company very recently, their suggestion will help to find the right company and save hours for research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is an image selection method used in photo editing to isolate objects from an existing image by drawing a line at the edge of the image. It is commonly used in Background removal, background replacement, shadow creation, image manipulation, ghost mannequin effect, and color replacement.

Clipping path service is a technique used to separate image’s subject from its background, allowing for easy manipulation and editing of the subject without affecting the background.

You can choose the best clipping path service by well researching in internet. You must check their portfolio, quality of service, examine pricing, delivery time and previous customer feedback. It will helps to choose the best clipping path service provider.

A clipping path is an image selection method for isolating objects from other parts or existing backgrounds. On the contrary, deep etching is an editing technique that removes particular portions from an image. Editors use the Photoshop pen tool for drawing outlines while clipping paths. On the contrary, deep etching can be done with an eraser, color selection, and pen tool.

There are many advantages of image clipping service. here are some below:

  • Accurate image edge selections
  • Don’t have any fear of losing pixels
  • A transparent background makes it easy to use different backgrounds for a single image.
  • Color replacement for particular portions of an image
  • Add or remove elements to an objects
  • Helps to create a brand awareness
  • Better possibilities to succeed in marketing campaigns.

Any image that requires precise selection and isolation of the subject, such as product photos for ecommerce, portraits, and complex images with intricate details, can benefit from a clipping path service.

We have a team of skilled and experienced photo editors who are proficient in using advanced software tools to ensure the accuracy and precision of our clipping path services. We also have a rigorous quality control process in place to maintain high standards.

We provide 100% hand-drawn path service. Though some service providers use AI technology, we don’t use it.

clipping path service helps photographers enhance the visual appeal of their images by allowing for easy background removal, color correction, and other editing tasks, ultimately improving the overall quality of their photography.

Can you handle bulk orders ?

Yes, we can handle bulk orders for clipping path services. Whether you need a few images edited or a large batch processed, we have the capacity and expertise to handle the workload efficiently.

You can contact us through our website or reaching out to our customer support team. Simply provide the details of your project, including the number of images and specific editing requirements. We will promptly respond with a competitive quote.

We allow various image file formats like JPG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF. You can send any type of format mentioned here.

The file size should not be over 64 MB.

The turnaround time for our clipping path service depends on the complexity and volume of the images. However, we strive to deliver high-quality results within a reasonable timeframe, and we can also accommodate rush orders if needed.

If you need a basic and simple clipping path service, we can deliver it very fast. But, for multi-paths and complex images, we may need time to deliver. We will ensure delivery time before taking an order and will deliver it within the time frame.

We take pride in serving our editing service to several industries. It includes photographers, photography studios, online retailers, advertising agencies; graphics design firms, web development companies, and more.

Yes, we offer custom clipping path solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s intricate shapes, complex backgrounds, or unconventional editing requests, we can tailor our services to address unique image editing needs.

Yes, we offer custom clipping path solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s intricate shapes, complex backgrounds, or unconventional editing requests, we can tailor our services to address unique image editing needs.