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Do you want to create jewelry images that are shining and able to draw buyer’s attention? Check out our jewelry photo retouching services cost-free to meet your demand.

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Best Jewelry retouching
Best Jewelry retouching

Get the Best Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry is the most precious and emotional product. A skilled editor is a must for editing jewelry photos perfectly. If you aren’t able to shine elements of jewelry perfectly, you will lose buyers for the product. 

As a product photo editing service provider, we helped lots of jewelry sellers and professional photographers to create stunning jewelry images. We will do everything from background removal, color correction, diamond polish, metal color change, and retouching to make it a more attractive image. If you want to outsource jewelry retouching service from a professional team, then upload samples and see the result within a few hours.

Jewelry Photo Editing We Provide For Clients

Clipping Path Action (CPA) teams help photographers, and e-commerce retailers grow their businesses by providing affordable photo editing services. 

We provide various types of Jewelry Photo Editing services for clients 

Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Service Category

Dust and scratch cleaning:

Jewelry is a precious and costly product. You must display clean photos to draw buyer attention. CPA provides dust and scratch cleaning services for the jewelry product image. You will get a clean image and an eye-catching image after using our high-quality image editing services

Shadow creation:

Jewelry photos look unusual and lifeless in RAW, naked, and Wild format. Especially after removing the background, it looks very lifeless as the original shadows are also removed. CPA teams will add shadows to create lifelike jewelry product images. Our shadow creation services include drop, natural, and reflection shadows. 

Background Removal:

We apply hand-drawn clipping path service for outlining jewelry product photos. It ensures pixel-perfect selection while removing backgrounds. The unclear and irrelevant background will distract the attention of the audience; as a result, it hampers business. We will remove the unclear background and place it with a new, clean, white, or brand-colored background. After that, your jewelry photo will look stunning and natural. 

Color correction:

It is very common to overexpose and underexpose while capturing jewelry photoshoots. Sometimes, it is beyond the control of the photographer. With color correction technique, it is very easy to fix the problem. We will fix overexposed, underexposed, brightness, contrast, and any color issues of jewelry photos. If you need to recolor it from metal to gold, we will also do it perfectly. 

Diamond polish:

We will polish the diamond’s appearance so that it looks sparkling all around. After polishing the diamond, it looks more luxurious and appealing to customers. 

High-end retouching:

Our High-end photo retouching service ensures the best presentation of jewelry product images. We will fix all imperfections like dust and scratch removal, clean backgrounds, diamond polishing, color corrections, and more issues.

If you use models in representing product images, we will also work on things like body transforms, removing blemishes from skin, working on skin tone and color issues, and more. The CPA team ensures the best quality high-end jewelry photo retouching service at your budget. 

Our Jewelry Photo Editing service



We set competitive pricing for each service. The price we mentioned here is the base pricing of our service. However, it may increase depending on image. you may also get a discount. So, contact us before sending the project to us.

Importance of Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Nowadays, the demand for jewelry photo retouching is increasing day by day. It became a compulsory part of photography post-production. In the era of the web-based market, jewelry businesses must have a well-decorated, high-quality catalog of jewelry. For which jewelry photography needs to be retouched perfectly. 

Retouching helps you to add glow to the photos by removing imperfections and blemishes. In the same way, Jewelry photo retouching services can increase your sales and help to grow your business.

Who needs a jewelry photo retouching service?

In most cases, busy photographers need to outsource jewelry photo retouching services. Therefore, photographers, eCommerce sellers, and photography studios often need jewelry photography retouching services. 

Jewelry photo retouchers can make your photo gorgeous and eye-catching. It can help to increase sales as well as brand establishment.

What are the services provided by photo retouching companies?

Every company offers a whole range of jewelry retouching and editing  services. Depending on your photo retouching needs, they provide several categories of retouching services. For example, you want to glow up your jewelry photos, remove dust and change the background, polish up diamonds, and so on. You can get specific photo retouching services according to what you want. It would help you to reduce cost, time, and tasks.

If you capture a jewelry model’s photo and you need to retouch it. Photo retouching companies will retouch every photo with care. For your help, they will provide a list of retouching services. Now it will be explained below the jewelry photo retouching services.

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We use the server via unlimited space & you’re FTP and account is set to infinite. As a consequence, you are talented to upload any amount of file you wish. Although, if you use our web up-loader to send your photographs, you are capable to still upload any number of file/data at once. But each file size must have not to be more than 64 MB.

Yes, we provide upto 40% discount for bulk images. Our discount starts with 500 images order.

All the specialists we include are highly able in the company of more than many years of knowledge into these positions and we confirm all photographs for at slightest 3- times preceding to release. At first, we’ve got group leaders who are careful of the experts on how they’re functioning, while they are in an exact way. Upon end, we have Quality Controller (QC) who makes sure all photographs one by one & then we release those photographs to the customer.