Photo editing is a broad term used to describe any digital photo manipulation, usually done to achieve artistic purposes but the market is very competitive. We know that you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who want to make your photos look better than ever, and that is why we are here to help.

What is photo editing? A complete definition

After completing the photoshoot, editors need to fix the errors of photography. It is almost impossible to capture an excellent photo shoot with a camera. Photo editing skill helps to bring out the great outcome of original image.

Simply, it is altering RAW images. Any tasks you do for making your existing photography more attractive are called photo editing.

The purpose of photo editing is to make stunning photos. It can be anything like unwanted background removal, color correction, resizing to advanced photo retouching.

Some other terms for photo editing:

· Image editing

· Photo Post-processing

· Image/photo manipulation

· Photoshopping

· Image/photo enhancement

Importance of Photo Editing

Photo editing plays a vital part of digital photography. Digital processing is what gives photos their final appearance – making them look their best. The excellent way to learn this is to practice it. There are plenty of free photo editor app and websites that make it easy. Most often, these sites publish courses you can take!

Increase sells: 

Every eCommerce product selling platform has its product uploading guidelines. You won’t be able to use their platform unless you follow their terms. One term is common in almost every platform; uploading white background product images. So, to meet their guidelines, you need to remove the background of product images.


So, you can easily understand the importance of photo editing for increasing your business sales volume.

If you want to use your website to sell products, you still need to upload white background product images. As statistics show, almost 50% of online buyers want to see product images in white background.

Of course, you should take advantage of professional product photo editing services to get the best result.

Social Media Marketing 

 Social media is the most significant way of gaining audience attraction. It is also an excellent ranking signal for search engine optimization.

Every social media has its photo requirements. So, you need to take advantage of photo editing.

Make fast website loading speed.

Website loading speed is essential for eCommerce businesses. If your audience faces a bitter experience, they will leave your site without purchase.

Image optimization is one of the factors for website speed optimization. You need to upload web-friendly images to your website.

Without photo editing, it is impossible.

Promotional campaign

We know the image works thousands better than words. For running a successful promotional campaign, you need to use great visualization.

Only a graphic designer with photo editing skills can do it better.

History of Image Editing

When we think of photo editing, we often think of the most popular image editing tool, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Lightroom. These applications are great at fixing pictures, but they don’t tell the whole story of how photography has evolved over the last century.

Photoshop was initially introduced in 1987, and it took more than ten years for it to become famous. Other photo editing apps came onto the scene during this time, such as GIMP, which was released in 1996.

What Is Photo Editing Software

What is photo editing software? That’s a big question. People often ask this, especially those who want to know what photo editing software is.

Well, the answer is simple: photo editing software is a program that you can use to manipulate your photos in many ways. We use it for many different purposes, such as digital design, photo editing, and more!

Editors use photo editing software to retouch the background of a photo to make the subject pop out more, remove unwanted objects from an image, or correct minor details.

Photo editors usually come with many advanced features, ranging from simple editing to complicated and advanced.

Popular photo-editing software is a broad category that includes such applications as Adobe Photoshop, Geeqie, Shotcut, Luminar, and more. But how do you know what to look for in a photo editing program?

The use of layer masks, 3D features, and even the ability to paint are just a few things that separate the excellent photo editing software from the bad.

We’ve taken the time to test some of the most popular image-editing software and offer some advice on how to choose the best program for you.

Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop is the only editing program that can fix photographic images and look like it was taken with a different camera. It’s powerful, simple interface, easy to use, and the most popular professional photo editing software in the world.

Moreover, it can transform a photograph into something more artistic or make a boring picture look like a 3D model. It is a product of adobe creative cloud and we use it for our photo editing service.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a image editing app that allows you to work with raw photos, create and store your albums, and manage your photos. Using Lightroom, you can sort your pictures by color, size, and location and create keywords to help find them later. It can also calculate exposure, white balance, and focus.

However, it also allows you to apply photo filters to your photos to make them look more professional. If you’re a professional photographer or graphic designer, you’ll probably want to use Adobe Lightroom for RAW processing, editing, and managing your photo library.

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Canva is an excellent online resource for editing photos. Basically, it is a graphic design software and without having any design skills; you can use this graphic design tool perfectly. With Canva, you can complete your photo-editing tasks quickly and easily.

This tool also provides a pack of pre-made photo-editing tools, and they have a lot of great options. Moreover, Canva is incredibly easy to use, and it is affordable. Without having much knowledge, you can use it. If you want to learn more about canva, this full canva review will help you a lot.


GIMP is an excellent open-source photo editing software for perfect photo editing. It is an open-source graphical user interface (GUI) application that has been around for a long time. It’s used to edit photos and make icons, logos, web graphics, and other graphics. 

It runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems and is free for personal and commercial use. Also, it is a non-destructive editing program and runs from a command-line interface (CLI) in which you type in the commands. Moreover, it is fast and easy to use.

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Pixlr is a fantastic photo editor app that works great on both Macs and PCs. But even though the app has a killer interface and great features, we don’t just recommend it. We love it.


Simply put, it’s the best photo editor we’ve ever used. We’ve been so impressed. For this, we’ve been using it on a near-daily basis and recommending it to all of our friends.

With the popularity of mobile photography, the demand for mobile photography editing is increasing. Hence, the number of mobile photo editing apps in the App Store constantly increases. Some of them are very useful, bringing out a professional touch to the photos we take on our mobile devices.

But as an amateur photographer, it’s hard to know which apps are the best of the bunch. Not to worry, though; this list has the top photo-editing apps for Android and iOS.


 Snapseed is an excellent photo editor app for Android and iOS designed to make your photos better than those you take with your smartphone’s camera. Besides, it’s like Photoshop but on your phone. Furthermore, it’s simple to use, and it’s great.

It is great for editing photos of food, scenery, and everyday objects. Yet, it’s also powerful enough to remove unwanted objects, such as people and things, and blurry repair images. Even though, it’s not the best photo editing app out there, but it does the job.


VSCO is a tremendous photo editor app that is quickly becoming an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has a ton of filters, but it also has a fantastic photo editing tool that can resize, rotate, and crop your photos to look like you did in the past.

This tool,called VSCO Cam, is excellent for all your quick and dirty edits and for minor adjustments such as cropping, which can take just a few seconds.


If you use Instagram, you know that it can be a great way to share your photos with friends and family. But it can also be an excellent mobile photo app for editing your photos.

Instagram does have some great photo editing features, like the ability to overlay filters and crop photos. Still, it also has some valuable basic range of features, like the ability to apply those filters to your entire image.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is the name of a free photo post-processing app that lets you do many different things, including adding cool effects to your photos, editing them, and sharing them with friends.

The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices but is not yet available on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is a photo editing app with nothing to do with Photoshop (which has nothing to do with fixing photos). The app is an example of a cross-platform app that has been created to solve common problems. It is meant to help users of all kinds of photo editing programs, specifically those who use Photoshop (and Lightroom).

Different Types of Photo Editing

The variety of photo editing tools available is truly astounding, and the ability to manipulate photos to your liking is almost limitless. As you can imagine, there is a massive range of effects, filters, and other types of editing that could be applied to a photo, and the list is never-ending. One thing that can be confusing about photo editing is what the type of photo editing is.

From various types of photo editing, we discussed some common types of photo editing below;

Image resizing and cropping

There’s no doubt about it; our world is full of amazing photos. If you look around you, you’ll see at least one great shot of something—perhaps a landscape, a person, or a moment in time.

But what if you could let people in your life see your photos in a whole new way? By cropping and resizing your images, you can even print them like regular photos, on a photo printer, or virtually on your computer screen.

Background Removal:

Delete the background of your photos using a clipping path and photoshop image masking techniques. An image may contain a hard edge and a soft edge. For hard-edge images like chairs, tables, etc., editors use photo clipping for removing the background. For soft edge images like flying hair, fuzzy, etc., editors use image masking to remove the background.

Shadow Creations

Photoshop shadow creation techniques allow you to add shadows in naked product images like wallets, watch. It helps to draw buyer’s attention to the specific product.

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Photo retouching 

Retouching is done for aesthetics, such as skin blemishes or wrinkles on clothing, etc. Photoshop image retouching takes longer than editing because it requires more precision and skill set to perfect every detail flawlessly.

 Color correction

Photoshop color correction is a process in which editors make the colors of an image look more natural. On the contrary, re-coloring is a process to change the color of an image into different colors. It is very much beneficial for the eCommerce apparel business.

Brightness and contrast

These elements can make or break a photo. Using photo editing techniques, you can fix the underexposed or overexposed of your photographs.

Photo stitching:

Photo stitching is the way of combining several photos to create one large image. However, with Photoshop features like Photo merge, you can create photo stitching and make a life-like appearance image.

 Remove mannequin;

It is another great photo editing for the eCommerce apparel business. Editors remove the dummy from product photos. As a result, customers can see the inner part of the product photos. Therefore, it is also popularly known as ghost mannequin service.

Methods of photo Editing

There are two methods of photo editing as Pixel editing and parametric photo editing. We discussed both below;

Pixel editing

With pixel editing, you can edit images at the pixel level. That means you have the opportunity to change it completely. It is a more detailed image editing skill.

Only high skilled editors can do it perfectly. Remember, it is tough to back your original file if you made any mistake and want to start from the beginning again. So, before working with pixel editing, always keep a backup of your original file.

 Parametric image editing

Parametric image editing refers to the process of applying a transformation to an image (for example, scaling, resizing, rotating, or changing the aspect ratio) that automatically produces a corrected version of the image without the need to adjust the results manually.

For example, if you apply a rotation transformation to a photo, the result will be a rotated version of the image rather than a “flipped” version. However, if you apply a rotation transformation to the image, a flipped version would result. This makes for a confusing experience when trying to align images correctly.

The Role of a Photo Editor

A photo editor is a digital image manipulator working with digital photographs, either by enhancing them, modifying them, or manipulating them. Often they are working with correcting imperfections, altering facial features, or adding special effects. They use specialized programs such as Adobe Photoshop or use more basic tools, such as graphic editors.

They are the unsung heroes of the photographic world. Most cameras come with some essential editing tools, but if you’re looking to go beyond the basics, a photo editor can seriously enhance your images.

These tools allow you to crop, adjust hue, brightness, and contrast, apply filters, and even convert images to black and white. No matter what kind of photo editor you use, you’re sure to find their tools helpful.

Where can I find a reputable photo editor?

When we take pictures with our cameras, we can’t always be still. We’re often moving around and excited to share our experiences with our friends and family. So, we need to fix our pictures and edit them without messing them up.

If you’re an aspiring photographer looking to grow your online portfolio, you’re probably looking for more than a cheap Instagram filter or software that makes your pictures look like art. You want your photo editing needs to be taken seriously—and one of the best ways to hire a professional photo editing company that’s known for its quality.

In below, we discussed some core factors you should consider before selecting any professional editing company.

Some Core Factors of Selecting Any Photo editing Company

  • Try to judge the companies efficiency and working experience. Many new companies offer photo editing services just by opening a website. It may fulfill a personal photographer’s requirements. Do they capable of doing your projects?
  • Find out their team members and their experience level. Is that meeting your demands?
  • Are they able to deliver projects timely? Maintaining turnaround time is extremely important for business.
  • Don’t forget to check out their reviews. Also, check their portfolio and previous work samples, if possible.
  • Be ensuring about your image file’s security. Also, make an agreement that you can take any steps if the editing company uses your images without permission.
  • Check out their payment method and billing cycle. Is it available in your countries? Maximum countries have payment method restrictions. 
  • Become sure that your editing company knows what you need from them.

If you maintain these steps properly, you will never disappoint. Remember, there are many companies in this industry that are unethical, dishonest. They may ruin your business also. Finally, you can efficiently work with Clipping Path Action, as we follow all requirements. Your satisfaction is the motto of the company.