Want to know; how to sell photos on Etsy? Selling photos can benefit you in two ways. First, you can promote your work, and at the same time, you will earn some extra money. 

Photographers of all levels and abilities can use Etsy to sell their work. Whether you’re just starting or have been shooting for years, the platform offers a variety of options that will help you get your art into more hands. Therefore, We will share some tips on how to get started with selling photography on Etsy! 

Moreover, We’ll discuss ways to find inspiration for your item listings, learn about pricing strategies and what materials are best suited for different types of photographs, as well as discuss the importance of crafting an eye-catching title and description. 

So if you want to start your own photography business but don’t know where to start or don’t know what steps come next after uploading photos onto the site, then this article is perfect solution for your problem.

Why You Sell Photographs On Etsy

Some of the key features that make ETSY the perfect place to sell your photos include: a global marketplace with millions of buyers, low fees, an established online presence with over a million views per day, and international shipping available. Great photography is one thing, but don’t forget about marketing it to find it. You can successfully sell your work on ETSY! by following these tips.

How To Sell Photos On Etsy

Create Account On ETSY

Creating an account on Etsy is super easy. First, go to their site and click on the sign-in button. Here, you will see a button to create a new account in Etsy. You will be asked your name, email, and password in her. Fill the form and complete your registration process. After successfully logging in to the dashboard, you will find a button like “sell on Etsy” in the header menu bar. 

Click on it, and it will show you the steps of opening shops on Etsy. Follow the process of filling with correct information like store name, shop category, location and payment option, etc. After completing these steps, your store will be run on Etsy. 

While you select your shop name, Etsy will give you several options. Don’t be overthinking with it. You can start your store with a personal name or a brandable name. The choice is yours. If you choose a brand name but don’t find a suitable name, you can help from business name generator tools. These tools will help you find a proper name for your store. However, you can also change the shop name later, but it needs approval from Etsy authorities. 

However, Try to select a catchy name for your shop. And, your name should represent what you want to sell in your stores like “printvialla” or something that best matches your business. Customers will land your store hoping to find specific things they need as they are well-concerned about your store. 

Customize Your Shop 

The customizing shop will enable you to distinguish it perfectly. Although, you don’t have enough scope for customizing. However, you can distinguish your store in three ways.

Icons: You can use the shop logo in this place. It will show on the top left side of your store. A square icon can make your store more attractive. 

Cover Photos: It will display at the top of your store’s homepage. Your store cover photo will be visible from desktop, mobile, and tablet. So, use the most prominent image in cover photos that best match your brand. 

Banner: It works like cover photos, but it won’t be visible from mobile devices. 

Shopping Policy

Every store has its policy to sell products online. After customizing your store, it is time to set a shopping policy for your store. You will give a clear idea about customer’s shopping from your store. Some things you should include in the shopping policy like below

  • Accepting returns or exchanging products. If you accept returns, a clear return date policy means “30 days or something like that.”
  • Your product shipping times. How many days it will take to receive the product.
  • Shipping method and charges. You should be neat and clean in every aspect of your selling machine. 

Adding this to your store will help to be a trustworthy seller, and customers will courage to purchase from your store. 

Upload the photos That Visually Attractive

“A product sells by itself” would you believe this line? If yes, try to upload stand-out photos that will visually attract your customers. Don’t upload pictures without applying post-processing tasks. It is almost impossible to capture perfect images worth selling without any editing. 

So, create amazing product photos by applying advanced photo editing skills like background removal, image retouching, color correction, photo clipping path etc.

We recommend using adobe photoshop while editing photos. It is the best program that we have ever found. However, if you don’t have it and want to use it cost-free, the photoshop crack version could be the solution. Either you purchase it or use crack; it is up to you. But, use photoshop to get the best result.

If you can do it, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, outsource your editing tasks to a professional photo editing company. You will find many service providers who can meet your satisfaction at your budget. 

Finally, your goal should be to upload your best photos in the store. It will help to increase sales more. 

Creative Product Description

As a seller, your aim should be to sell more items from your store. If your customer doesn’t get much information about the product, they won’t purchase it.

So, try to write a creative product description that will stand out from your competitors. Look at your competitor and how they write their product descriptions. Analyze their work at first and then create better copywriting for your product.

Be friendly and polite while writing product descriptions. Use easy-to-read words and short sentences. Don’t forget to highlight how this product can benefit them means why they should purchase this product.

When customers feel more confident, they will take off money from their wallets and place an order. It is a very common scenario. So, be creative while writing product descriptions. 

Make It Easier To Find

Etsy is a big marketplace. Lots of product uploads daily in this market. How will people find your product?

Don’t worry. Etsy will help you to make it easier. You will find the “section” button while listing the product. Although it is optional, please don’t ignore it. It will enable you to display your product in a particular section. If you set it correctly, your customer may easily find your products.

However, you can also use tags in your listing. Though both are optional, my suggestion is to use both. It will help a lot to find the product easier, especially the section that will work great. 

Setting up a competitive pricing 

Setting competitive pricing is essential to the success of any business. But, it is often overlooked by small business owners. Your rate must reflect the value you provide to your clients for photographers.

Pricing your product or service too low can lead to a lack of profit, and pricing it too high can leave you with a disappointed customer base. The secrets of success depend on finding the perfect balance between cost and value to create long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers.

The following blog post will discuss how photographers can set competitive prices for their work while still making enough profit off each sale to keep their business afloat.

Set Up a Payment Methods

Etsy has different payment methods like PayPal, cheque, and others. But, all the payment methods are not available for all countries. Try to set up an easy payment method available in your country. They will take 3%+.25 for every transaction. If you use PayPal, their charge will be 5%. When you set pricing, you should keep it in your mind.

Publish Your Listing And Promote It

Finally, it is time to publish your listing. Wait, you have to set your billing information before publishing as you need to pay a .20 listing fee. Once you have paid the fee, you can publish your listing. It may take 24hr to live your product.

After that, you need to promote your product to increase sales. If you don’t have enough knowledge, hire an expert marketer to promote your product. First, however, you can share the product on social media.

Etsy also has promotional listing options. You can pay them, and they will promote your listing. If everything is fine, it is time to generate revenue from your business.

Final Verdicts

Etsy is a trendy marketplace, and you can use it to sell your photography. The process we described here is pretty simple. Hopefully, you will be able to do it perfectly.

Let’s make some extra money from Etsy.


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