Shoe photography is one of the most popular photography genres. With its classic challenges and creative possibilities, footwear photography can be a great way to capture a unique look for your portfolio or shop. Whether you’re shooting in natural or indoor light, there are many ways to get the perfect shot. If you’re a beginner, taking shoe photography ideas may help create a stylish look and grow photography business.

11 Shoe Photography Ideas For beginners

1.   Make a plan for creating a story.

This is the best shoe photography ideas for beginners. Shoe photography can be used to capture a moment in time or to create more sophisticated photo art. However, it can be challenging to ensure that your shots will turn out well without a plan.  So how important is it to make a plan for creating a story for shoe photography? It can be challenging to know where to start without an idea of what you want your photos to say.

So, before starting to capture footwear photographs, you must have a proper execution plan for your ideas. Writing the execution plan in a notebook or white paper will be better. It will help to complete the project in an organized way.

2.   Select Ideal Location for the shoe Photography

One of the most important decisions a photographer can make when taking shoe photos is where to place them. A perfect location for a shoe photo will provide you with the ideal mixture of light and shadows, giving your subjects their unique look.

You can use both indoor and outdoor locations. However, natural lighting will be the best for footwear photography. If you use indoor lighting, you must be tricky for ideal placements.

3. Capture Shoe Photography from Multiple Angeles

Shoe photography is a great way to capture different aspects of your shoes. With different angles, you can get a more realistic and captured image. Capturing from different angles will give you a more complete and accurate picture.

Additionally, placing yourself as an online buyer would be best. Do you like to see one-angle shoe photos while making a buying decision? Maybe the answer will be no. Everyone wants to see more details about products before buying them.

As a product photographer, you should aim to draw buyer attention to the footwear photos. And multiple angles photoshoots will help to do this.

For example, photographing a shoe from the side will provide a more detailed view of the heel and ball. Additionally, taking photos from above or below the shoe will better show the foot’s contours. Some various angles may include

  • A pair of shoes shot
  • Front view
  • Back view
  • Bird-eye view
  • 90-degree views
  • Outdoor shooting

4.   Try to hire a model for the shoe photography.

model wearing shoes

Though hiring a model for footwear photography isn’t your responsibility. The store owner or shoe company owner may decide whether they will employ a model or not for their product photography. You can only suggest them for hiring a model.

Why is it important? Indeed, shoes are not a hot cake to sell online. The potential customer must have feel confidence to buy it. And models can help them feel more confident rather than narrow products.

Now, big brands also feel the necessity of hiring models for shoe photographs. That’s why Addidas endorsed David Beckham; Puma approved Usain Bolt for their photoshoot.

However, when hiring a model, you must be very discreet. For example, hiring a cheap model with a bad reputation may ruin your goal. Instead, you should select a model who can draw customers toward your footwear.

5.   Add a perfect background.

A good background can help add an extra level of interest to your photos and give your shoes a more realistic look. In addition, a well-crafted background can help make your shot look more posed or professional.

If you are taking background removal services from professionals, you shouldn’t worry about the background. They will do all things to add the perfect background for your photos. However, if you are not outsourcing it and don’t do it alone, you should care about the background for shoe photographs.

6. Add Reflection Shadows

Shoe photography involves taking pictures of people or objects in different light conditions. To make the photo look more realistic, it is often helpful to add reflections on the shoes in the photo. This can give the photo a more 3-D effect. By doing this, you can create a more realistic photo showing your creativity and skills as a photographer.

Adding reflection shadows helps to add a touch of elegance. They are also great for creating depth in photos. Here are a few tips on how to add reflection shadows to your shoes:

  • Place the shoe on the ground with its front side facing the camera.
  • Add black light or daylight onto a piece of cardboard or a frame and place it over the shoe.
  • Outsource it from professional photo editing companies.
  • 7. 360° shoe photography

There are many different ways to take 360° footage of an object. We recommend buying some equipment to capture 360° shoe photography for professionals.

However, you can create 360° shoe photography by using technology. If you’re a photoshop expert, you can do it in-house, or it will be better to hire an editing company. You need to send various angles to shoot to them, and they will do the rest. It is the latest photography trend, and you should use it in your photography.

8. Consider Proper Light SetUp

The light setup is significant for photography. A perfect light setup can make a massive difference in the quality of your photos. With perfect light, your images will look more professional.

On the contrary, the wrong light setup may produce unnecessary shadows on photographs. It may also affect on colors of product images. This light setup for product photography guide will help you do this perfectly. However, you must pay to consider lighting for shoe photography.

9. Use Tripods For Shoe Photography

Taking pictures of your shoes is a great way to show off your fashion sense. But if you want to make sure your shoes look their best, you’ll want to use a tripod for the job. Tripods can help you take precise and consistent photos of your shoes, making them look their best.

It helps to keep your camera stable and keep your photos looking sharp. Additionally, tripods can help you capture great shots of your shoes.

To get the best benefits of using tripods, place them in a place from where you can capture the best looks and avoid shadow cast.

10. Display Shoe Products as if someone wears them.

shoe photography ideas

Shoe products and accessories can reinforce a sense of fashion and style. They can also help to add a touch of luxury and status to someone’s appearance. It is essential to display shoe products as if they are genuinely worn by someone, as this will help to communicate the message that the product is of high quality and worth your time and money. Apply this shoe photography ideas to capture great photos.

11. Shoe Photo Retouching and Cleaning

There are many benefits of retouching your shoe photo. You may want to make it more realistic or update it for a modern, stylish look. Maybe you don’t like how your photo looks and feels when you wear your shoes, or maybe you have a dirty or faulty shoe or want to make it look nicer.

Or maybe you think it would be fun to change up the look of a shoe photo. Whatever the reason, taking care of your shoe photo can significantly impact your look and feel as a person.


In conclusion, if you are starting in shoe photography, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make a plan for creating a story. This will help you to create an exciting and unique photograph.
  2. Consider proper light setup to avoid too much light or too little shot. Use tripods if necessary to achieve the desired results.
  3. Remember that not all shoes are created equal. Consider how your photograph will translate on different surfaces.

Hopefully, these shoe photography ideas will help you capture incredible photos.

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