Philadelphia is a city full of beautiful people, buildings, and culture. It’s also home to some of the best fashion photographers in the world! What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re an online retailer looking for someone who can photograph your products with style and sophistication, these fashion photographers in philadelphia can help a lot.

Fashion photographers in Philadelphia are a valuable resource for any eCommerce business or online retailer. They can capture compelling images that will boost your brand and increase sales. With the right high-quality photographs, you’ll be able to reach more consumers than ever before, which makes it even more important to choose an experienced photographer who knows how to shoot top-notch photos.

What is fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is the art of taking photographs of clothes and accessories for use in a commercial fashion. It can include anything from taking photos on a catwalk, photographing models wearing clothing items, or just shooting garments meant to be sold. Many different techniques are used in this industry, including high-key lighting and black and white film photography. 

A fashion photographer has an eye for detail and knows what will look good when photographed. They also know how to make their subjects feel comfortable with poses and facial expressions, which help them achieve even better shots. The images they take need to give the person who sees it a sense of what it would be like if that were their outfit – whether they’re feeling confident or glamorous, sexy or playful.

However, fashion photography is a type that captures the elegance and beauty of a person’s clothing. It can be for an advertisement, on a runway, or during fashion week. Fashion photographers have to know how to capture the true essence of their subject’s outfit, which usually involves flattering lighting and colors. 

The term “fashion photographer” can refer to someone who has been hired by a company, designer, or magazine and someone who takes pictures of their outfits and posts them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr. Often these two types will use different techniques to get more likes from their followers. For example, people may take selfies with natural lighting, while professionals might use studio lights which create a more glamorous photoshoot style.

Best Fashion Photographers Philadelphia

Stephanie Nolt

Stephanie Nolt has been in the fashion industry for over 12 years and is a Philadelphia-based photographer. She specializes in editorial, lifestyle, headshots, corporate events, portrait commercials, and family photography. Stephanie also does video work, and her photographs have appeared in numerous international publications, including Yes Magazine, Bridge Bulletin, Manayunk Magazine, and more. That’s the reason Nolt is in our fashion photographers in philadelphia list.

Nolt believes that “fashion photography should be about capturing your mood” through a lens. This devotion to artistic expression empowers clients who want their work to sell clothes without sacrificing authenticity or creativity.” Her mission is to find the story behind photography and tell it through visual photographs. 

Nolt has a multi photography studio in Philadelphia. Moreover, she has a big client list all over the country. Whether you need studio photography or on-location, Nolt and her team are available to complete your projects. 

Do you want some more from Nolt’s team? Of course, they also provide some additional services like makeup artist and hair, technicians, lighting, wardrobe, set stylist, etc. Firstly, the team always prefers to listen to photoshoot ideas from their clients. Finally, they try to bring your vision to life. How amazing the work!

James Jackson

James Jackson is a Philadelphia-based fashion photographer who has been in the industry for twenty-six years. He specializes in fashion, editorial, commercial, and theatrical work. He also provides his services west coast via Seattle, Wa. and the North East by New York City, NY.

Jackson is a talented photographer who can stunningly bring your brand imagery and help create effective advertising visuals for your company. In addition, he provided services to lots of corporate and commercial clients. So, he knows well how to deal with corporate events. 

Along with photography, James also offers photo editing services to his clients to make it more eye-catching. He applies photo retouching and background removing techniques [including photo clipping path]. Finally, you will get ready for print, email, and social media images. 

Roo Castro

Roo Castro was born in the Dominican Republic. At 12, he came to New York and mixed the various cultural people. Finally, found happiness in the photography profession. Now, he is providing fashion photography in Philadelphia and New York City. 

Castro always wants to share his happiness with others by bringing their dreams to come in life using his lens. However, he aims to deliver images that freeze your eyes in a moment. If you look at his photography, you will be astonished. What an excellent photographer Roo is!

Do you want to hire a fashion photographer capable of delivering simple, clean, but impactful work? Visit Roo’s photography profile. You will get amazing ideas for it. However, Castro offers model portrait, beauty, editorial, location portrait, and social media posting photography.

Slice of Lime photography

The Slice of Lime Photography is a fashion photography studio in Philadelphia. They specialize in taking professionally styled photos of people and events. However, the slice of lime photography team focuses on senior portraits. If you need senior portraits for magazines, publishers, or other events, Emil can help you a lot.

Emil is the founder of Slice Lime Photography. She and her team member Landon [who specializes in wedding photography and loves to capture couple’s photos] aim to deliver creative senior portraits. They are highly confident in their work that will worthy of celebrating. 

Vikrant Photography

Would you like to capture your photographs from an award-winning and the most experienced commercial photographer? Then, Vikrant Tunious should be on your top priority list. He is a professional commercial photographer based in Philadelphia. He specializes in Beauty, Glamour, Fashion Photography, Model Portfolios, Headshots, Portrait Photography and Environmental Portraits, Corporate Photography, and Executive Head Shots. 

Vikrant established his business in New York City in 1996. In 2001, he moved to Philadelphia and started his photography studio. His main objective is to deliver the finest quality professional images for his clients. However, client satisfaction remains his primary goal.

Due to his dedication to photography, he has become one of the best fashion photographers in Philadelphia. His work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, Capital Style, Valley Social, Monarch, Outlook Traveler, and Teens Today. Though he is in Philadelphia-based photographer, he also travels on national and international assignments.

Christopher Descano Photography

Christopher Descano is a talented fashion photographer in Philadelphia. Chris has experience with celebrities, high-profile clients, and book cover shoots. His camera skills are unmatched by any other photographer in Philadelphia, and many people love him.

Between his many passions, Christopher Descano has managed to produce some of the most iconic images in the world. These photographs have been featured in national publications. The vivid colors and interesting composition make his photographs stand out from the rest.

Therefore, Descano and his teammates Taylor Kogut, Nicolette Brycki work hard to capture the amazing look. The best advantage of hiring them is to get suggestions from experts. Nicolette Brycki is a makeup artist and style expert for business professionals, actors, entrepreneurs, brides, and everyday men and women. She regularly attends QVC as a guest host and shares her fashion styles with the audience. 

It would be great to produce a great image if your photographer knows well about fashion and makeup. However, Christopher Descano and his team member know it and capture eye-catching images. 

Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson is a Philadelphia fashion photographer. He loves what he does because photography is his passion. He has been in the industry for over 6 years now, and he can’t imagine being anywhere else. Being a photographer is the opportunity to be creative and imaginative with every shoot; Alan Simpson knows it well and applies it in his photoshoot.

Though he started his career in marketing after completing his graduation, he came into photography professionally in 2015. But, he has a strong love for photography from a teenager’s age. His first camera was (35mm Leica). With this camera, he started capturing photos.

However, he had a strong connection with photography from his childhood. At his teenage age, he completed reading lots of photography books. Moreover, he also leads a photography club.

In 2015, he started his photography business professionally. He enjoys showing his work in galleries and fairs. But most of his satisfaction comes from working with people and capturing their personalities with his images.

Casey’s Photography

Casey Wood, the owner of Casey’s Photography, is a talented photographer specializing in capturing beautiful moments between families, memories for seniors, and professional, headshots for business professionals. 

In 2020, she earned Co-op with Drexel University through the entrepreneurship college. However, she studied entrepreneurship & innovation, marketing, and photography. After that, she professionally started a photography business, and last six months, she has been doing well. 

Case loves what he does. Before capturing a photoshoot, she hears her clients’ stories and tries to bring out their vision in life. Finally, she helps her clients to achieve their goals.

He Named Her Arya Photography

Suppose you’re searching for a professional fashion photographer in Philadelphia who has been involved with large and boutique model agencies in Philadelphia and New York City. In that case, Chris can be the perfect name for you. He is the owner of He Named Her Arya Photography. 

Chris is a very talented photographer who has patience in dealing with model photography. He spends many hours testing photoshoots with a brand new model as he believes; it is a great way to grow photography. In addition, he also focuses on building a relationship with subjects because it enables the opportunity to bring out the best outcomes. 

New models are often unsure about great posing. In that case, he spends a lot of time going over posing and helping to prepare models to work to their best ability. Chris loves to do this most fun and enjoyable work.

Dane Hillard Photography

Dane Hillard is a Philadelphia-based photographer specializing in fashion and lifestyle photography. He has been providing photography services for 14 years. After reading lots of fashion blogs, he developed his interest in fashion photography and finally decided to build a career in this profession. He enjoys his work very much. So, if you want to hire a photographer who only offers fashion photography, Dane should be on your shortlist.

Justin T Shockley Photography

Do you want to hire an internationally recognized fashion photographers in Philadelphia? If you want so, Justin T Shockley is the name for you. She is a fashion, advertising, food, event, product, architecture, and humanitarian photographer. In addition, she has experience working with famous brands such as Steve Madden, Under Armour, Lord &Taylor, Dior, Levis. Moreover, Her work has been published in Governor of Michigan State, United Nations, NPR, New York Times, Stanford University, Jones Day Inc, UFC, Runway Magazine Paris, Zagat, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, and more places. 

She is also working with Capital One Bank in their Advertising Campaign for small businesses. Justin shoots everything, including fashion, celebrities, advertising, events, news, editorial, architecture, and more. She started her photography business 8 years ago. She worked as a fashion photographer for various magazines/brands, including Runway Magazine Paris, Hacid Magazine (Barcelona), LEVIS, Du Coeur, Graceful Chic, Reuters, Shabby Apple clothing, etc. 

In addition, she also provides photo retouching services for her clients. It means she delivers stunning images to her clients. So, you will get complete fashion photography solutions from her. 

Helena Raju Photography

Helena Raju is another talented fashion photographers in Philadelphia,. She was born and raised in Ukraine. She specializes in several types of photography, including private photo sessions of individuals, couples, and families.

She started her photography business in 2014. Helena is skilled in what she does to any of you looking for a photographer. Her wide portfolio speaks for itself. In addition, her professional manner is beyond reproach.

Moreover, Helena is kind, gentle, and personable. More importantly, she has a unique eye for capturing the perfect angles to create a magical atmosphere and a wonderful flair for using bold colors. She’s easy to talk to and will make you comfortable even if you’re shy in front of the camera.

Final Thought

Fashion photography is a form of still-life photography that captures models wearing clothes. It can be used to advertise clothing lines for modeling purposes or to showcase the latest trends in fashion. Photographers often use bright colors and shadows to mimic a current trend or a popular celebrity look.

We shared a list of fashion photographers in Philadelphia. All of them are highly skilled and have years of experience in photography. If you’re from Philadelphia and want to hire a fashion photographer for your projects, hopefully, you will find the perfect photographer from the list we shared in this article.

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