Do you know that Photography is a broad topic? There are lots of categories in it.  Objective photography is one of those categories. Mainly, there are two types of photography, Subjective Photography, and Objective Photography. Do you want to learn more about objective photography and want to extend your Photographic Knowledge?

Then this is the article that you are looking for. Read this article till the end and you will learn everything that you want to know about objective photography.

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What is Objective Photography?

An Introduction to Objective Photography

Objective Photography is the photography that is not connected with personal emotion or judgment. It is all about reality.

Generally, Photo is related to our memories, emotion, and feelings. To make our special moments evergreen we used to take photos. We want to represent our perspective through photos. But objective photography is a different concept from these. In this type of photography, the photographer doesn’t express his thoughts or emotions. He just shows the reality.

Let me give you an example of it. Suppose that, you want to make a documentary album. In that case, you have to do objective photography. Cause, you have to represent reality. It doesn’t matter what you think about it or how you feel about it. The thing that matters is reality. So, objective photography is one kind of evidence that shows originality.  Have you got the basic concept of it? Let’s go a little deeper.

Example of Objective Photography

For more clarity, I want to explain to you with some examples. Medical Science and forensic photography are good examples of objective photography. Cause, it shows the reality and never expresses any thoughts and emotions of others.

The same thing also happens in space photography. It shows the real visuals of a particular thing. Doesn’t matter what the photographers think about it. The thing that we consider is how it really is.

We can also find this photography if we focus on Civil Engineering. No, I am not talking about engineering studies. I am indicating the photographs of the Construction site. This industrial photography always shows the realistic condition of the building.

That was examples of 3 objective photography. Fields are different in those examples, but one thing is common in every example. Without expressing the emotion of the photographer, it showcases the reality. That’s the primary fundamental of objective photography.

Objective Photography Vs Subjective Photography

Many people want to know about the difference between objective and subjective Photography. At this stage, I think you have already got your answer. As I have mentioned earlier, objective photography is the visualization of things as it is. On the contrary, subjective photography is the reflection of the photographer’s thought. A photographer tries to portrays his feelings or emotion about the subject through his subjective Photography. 

Some Famous Objective Photographer

Want to know about some famous objective photographer? Well, let me introduce you.

  • Eugène Atget
  • Walker Evans
  • Francis Frith
  • William Eggleston

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